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September 9th, 2019
10:00 Campus Area Room 261 Postcity Linz

Presenting the Label Commons Public License fairmove usecase at the Academic Design Network Austria Workshops.

fairmove is a generic label
for doing good things.

Everybody may use it under the Label Commons Public License.

fairmove promotes the U.N.'s Human Rights Charta and the 17 SDGs, the Ethify Values,

and many more ethical guidelines as listed in the Memorandum of Understanding of the Wandelbuendnis.

You do good things,
show it!
You deserve to be seen. And do it together.

As a fairmover you now can more easily connect with others who share your values.

fairmove as a hashtag in your communication channels or apply it to your project or service.

the fairmove label here!*

*use right mouse click - save as!

Become a
#fairmove #peer


Meet, talk and share your fairmoves.
Invite friends and colleagues to your fairmove party or sit-in.
Suggest a topic and let them bring food and drinks.
Those who managed to discuss a topic on environment or a sensible social issue for more than two hours automatically become fairmove peers for 6 months.
Be sure, your peers will have their eyes on you!


a fairmove location
near you or
add your initiative at


Environmental, climate change or human rights initiatives are so colourful but often have ambiguos names. Even if a funny abbreviation may be good enough for an activists group, that may not work so well when communicating to the rest of the world. We have done a number of workshops 2015 - 2019 on communication strategies for sustainability intitiatives and how to create good labels. When searching for an example, we found #fairmove as an ideal term that matches all criteria.

#fairmove as a hashtag can tell others: "What I just did was fair. Good for the environment, good for others, good for me."

Anybody may use and combine the fairmove label with other labels in the context of human rights and environmental care with low barriers. Similar to Creative Commons we have worked out a Label Commons Public License that gives any user of the label certainty how it can be applied beyond its usage as a hashtag.

We do not want that fairmove is being used for green washing of e.g. an oil company. Thus fairkom acts as a "watchdog organisation", as recommended by the commons institute. In case of a severe violation of the usage of the fairmove label we can enjoin somebody to not further use it.


Share your experience and join the fairmove channel on fairchat. Get a fairlogin account for free and use any of the fairapps. Providing open source cloud services is our contribution for a better world - helping people to become more independent from large cloud providers.